"If you want exceptional, you can't demand normal" - Ryan Connelly

It all starts with chicken…

The idea of Ethical Success started many years before the company opened for business during a business case-study on the marketing campaign for a national fried chicken company.

The study examined the effectiveness of ads showing a Caucasian family consuming the product on BET, and a black family consuming the product on Fox. The conclusion was that these ads were more effective than ads showing a black family consuming the product on BET, and a Caucasian family consuming the product on Fox – as the previous ad campaigns had done. The reasoning was that the ads on each outlet ads took advantage of “subconscious racial belief” – another name for subconscious racism.

Ryan believes that by taking “advantage” of this, or any other divisive sentiment, it perpetuates and helps to maintain society’s “hidden” racial beliefs – and thus racism. Further, it is his firm stance that as marketing professionals, we have a responsibility to identify marketing that causes social damage, and find a better way.

With a desire to prove that Ethical marketing strategies can be more effective, Ryan spent over 2 years reviewing the data from every campaign he had ever managed. This culminated in the strategies he and Ethical Success have used to create marketing campaigns with amazing results! After Ryan began making a name for himself -- often being referred to as “the Millennial whisperer” by friends, family, and business associates -- in January of 2018, Ryan decided to formalize his strategies in order to teach others, and formed Ethical Success as an alternative to the status quo in the marketing industry.