Ethical Success

Our name is more than just something on our paycheck. It's a guidepost for everything we do.


Our Dedication Starts Here

Times are changing, and the industry gatekeepers of the past few decades simply can't stop the digital age from upsetting the status quo. This creates unheard of opportunity, but it also leaves artists in a position of having to manage a whole lot of new things at the same time!

We want to help.

Not only is each member of the Ethical Success team an expert in their field, we've all also been involved in the music and entertainment industry in some way, including our founder! While this experience has given us insights that help propel results, we have also seen how the industry can treat people at every stage in their careers.

The team here at Ethical Success believes in music, and big dreams. And as our way of trying to give everyone with a dream access to the high-quality, professional services they need, every member of the Ethical Success team has agreed to donate personal time in order to help select, hardworking bands, artists, and musicians reach their dreams.

Because of this donated time, we have been able to create special packages that are more affordable than most available options, without hidden fees, and require no month-to-month commitment. This isn't "gotcha" marketing, We're named Ethical Success for a reason!

This is simply our way of investing in your dream, and helping to get everything started off on the right foot -- the way we wish someone would have helped us.

* Due to overwhelming demand, we are only able to accept 5 new clients, each month. To be considered, please fill out the band marketing assessment. Note: When sign-up is closed, form will be unavailable

Meet Our Founder!

Ryan Connelly

Musician, Artist, Performer, Marketing Guru

While Ryan has chosen to focus on marketing, professionally, he considers himself a musician, first!

Ryan's personal music career has spanned a wide range of music industry. His experience as a Performance Vocalist, Guitarist, DJ, Singer, Songwriter, and band member, provides him a unique perspective he leverages for artist strategy we create. This experience, and passion to help others gives Ryan the unique ability to not only offer best in class marketing, but to also grow your brand by providing a wide range of artist development services, such as voice coaching, dance and stage choreography, and image consulting.
The saddest thing in music is a great talent who can't be heard due to industry walls. I want to help make sure you can't be ignored!


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