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The streaming revolution for musicians


The digital revolution for musicians

Whether it’s because you want to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way, or because you just love to make music, if you are like most musicians, you probably dream of “making it” and playing your music for a long time. But you also know that it doesn’t really matter how well you play, what you look like, or even how many fans you have. Hoops, hurdles, and industry roadblocks must still be overcome in order to even get a shot.

The way things have been:

Historically, this hasn’t been easy, as most musicians can attest. You need to have the right look, the right sound, the right following, and play the right show at the right time and be lucky enough to have a record exec in the audience.

If you manage to do all of that, and get a contract, you’ll find that most of them give that label the right to tell you how to dress, what to play (and sometimes how to play it!), along with the frequent provision that tells you how many records you’re expected to sell, and how much you’ll owe THEM if you don’t make that quota. Additionally, you’ll be forced to watch as the industry takes the lion’s share (80-95%) of your record sales.

This means incredibly talented musicians who don’t have (what the industry thinks is) the right look, sound, or act simply hit a brick wall where their dreams tend to wither and die.

Nobody (other than the record executives, that is) thinks this is a fair business model. And luckily, thanks to how technology is changing how we access music, this is changing.

What’s changed:

For years, performers have been demanding another way to be discovered and heard, and fans have been begging for a way to listen to what they want, when they want to hear it.

Until recently, the only way to do that was to travel with an encyclopedia of CD’s, or by waiting for the radio to get around to playing it. And with radio signal being inconsistent, this has proven to be frustrating to nearly everyone at some point. When the MP3 player was introduced, it sparked a revolution that many in the industry worked hard to stop. Digital music was a threat to the status quo, and represented a huge loss in profits to the labels, while the iTunes store represented a huge increase in profits to each band.

But MP3 players have limited storage, and radio’s ability to present us with new music was something almost half of all digital users weren’t willing to give up. And a handful of people still had a stranglehold on things. Luckily, this public sentiment has led to a culture shift, and as humans tend to do when we hit a roadblock, we responded with technology. With monthly subscription models, users no longer have to download each song to a device -- with cell or wifi signal, the desired song can be loaded, on demand and streamed!

So, in this exciting time I’ve nicknamed the “streaming platform wars” we’re all waiting to see which one will emerge victorious, and trying to figure out what else we need to do in order to succeed, and attract new fans. The great news is that Ethical Success’ Social Media Marketing strategies have proven very effective in both driving, and retaining traffic.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch. Over the next few posts, we will start exploring the various platforms, along with ways to optimize each one, and will outline one of our most successful holistic marketing strategies so you can start building your following immediately, and build a solid foundation for the future!

Let's get started!

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