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Social Marketing for Musicians (101):


Social Marketing for Musicians (101):

In our research of successful bands, we have identified the following common items. It has been our experience that by strategically applying these observations, greater success can be achieved!

  1. Website - A surprising number of established and working bands haven't created a place for their fans to gather! Before any kind of marketing should be done, a website is a must! It allows you to generate an income from merch and music sales, be found on search engines, linked to by music reviewers, shared by fans -- new and old, conveniently share your events list, and communicate with your fan base -- directly!
  2. Facebook Page - Much like a website, only 1 in 23 bands we have met with over the years had an active Facebook page. Our link-crawling data estimates that the average daily number of Spotify and BandCamp links shared on Facebook by users living in the Richmond VA metro area is measured in the millions. Since getting noticed is the first step to your next chapter, this is an absolute must!
  3. Music Platform - Whether it's Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes, or the next big thing, your music needs to be heard in order to be bought, shared, or noticed! But, each platform has it's own set of pros and cons. Whether it's monetization, exposure, or inclusion in a larger strategy, our team of experts can help determine which one is right for YOUR band, and set up a strategy to leverage each to it's maximum potential!
  4. eCommerce - Through the course of the day, take notice of how many band shirts, hats, stickers, and logos you see in the world around you. Every revenue positive band has a means of bolstering their income through the sales of merchandise. While this may sound like a monumental task, our team of experts can create and install an eCommerce platform, and help automate the fulfillment process so you can keep doing what you do best -- playing shows and making art!

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